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Begins distinctive idea

SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ® is one of the restaurants bearing the brand of Ghida Al Sultan for Fast Food Company was established in 2005 under the name of Sultan Burger and for attention and continued development, We changed the brand name to the SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ® to fit our new strategy and reflects our reality and fit in with our ambitions, Since then it became SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER one of the major brands of local restaurants in Jeddah, Rabigh and Makkah.

Over 10 years ago, the founders of Sultan Delight Burger ® set out to create an entirely new eating experience for people in Saudi Arabia, with over 20 restaurants open in Jeddah, Makkah, Taif, Rabigh and Jazan, we can proudly say that we’ve created a winning concept that has endured and morphed into the phenomenon that is known today as SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ®.

With the implementation of rigorous staff training and state of the art management systems, we’ve ensured consistently high standards of quality, reliability and efficiency, Visitors to feel welcome in the restaurant starting from the multiple choices of meals to the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.

The restaurant experience in providing grilled burgers a distinctive taste. And always be grilling over charcoal Pacific offers full maturity is filled with juicy burgers that appear natural flavor of the burger.

Our focus is on selecting the finest meat, poultry and fresh fish carefully selected and prepared with high quality ingredients and flavors, free of additional components, materials and industrial chemical flavorings .In order to be a unique experience in the memory from beginning to end we added a choice of sandwiches with special mixtures and distinctive that will satisfy your taste.



SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ® has been in business for more than 10 years. Since SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER first branch opened in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, we have made significant progress by creating a unique dining experience for our customers with SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER’s pioneering open kitchen format, unique range of delicious sandwiches and exceptional service.

Today, SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER has over 20 branches spread throughout the Jeddah, Rabigh, Makkah, Taif and Jazan, and still growing. In Saudi Arabia, the biggest QSR market in region, SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER as the leading brand name in terms of number of branches, exceeding both local franchises.

Now, as we look toward the next years and more, we intend to keep SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ® as the most favored QSR brand name in the Middle East, by delivering products with superior value, world class service and connecting with our customer’s needs.

Quality Standards

Every Morning

One of our promises to our customers is complete freshness and quality of food. Quality assurance for SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ® begins with our ingredients. Our deliveries are made fresh every morning, for our meats, to our vegetables, to every little ingredient, we make sure everything is as fresh as can be our customer is assured quality when ordering meals, watching every ingredient slices and placed freshly on other ingredients to build the freshest sandwich, carefully wrapped before our customers can expect freshness every step of the way.

One of the key to speed and efficiency of SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ® restaurants is in our operations system that integrates all aspects of our business: from order-taking at the point of sale, to order processing and preparation, to inventory and cost control, to marketing and managerial functions.

Furthermore, SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ® has developed a system for finding, training, motivating and retaining employees since every service business is defined by their main assets, their people.

World-class information systems have been implemented and perfected by SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ®, enabling managers to optimize efficiency and control costs while improving the customer experience. Today, SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ® has become an enterprise that functions with precision, and is consistently update, with every order.