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Our vision & values in leadership

Our vision to be the most trusted brand name in the food industry business

Our Mission


• To make our customers at the center of our business philosophy
• To diversify into other food business ventures/industries
• To maintain world class operation system that delivers quality service
• To develop our people, who are the single most important asset to us!
And make them feel proud for working at SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ®

Core Values


SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ® is a leading Quick Service Restaurant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But getting to this point has entailed a lot of hard work that stems directly from our values.

SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ® believes in honesty with customers, promising true freshness, and that is exactly what we deliver.

True transparency has gives us a true edge in our industry, and we’ve shown our customers every one of their meals, freshly made at their request. This has been a true example of our ongoing innovation, in addition to our drive to introduce new high-tech methods to providing our customers with the friendly service that they deserve.

SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ® promise is that customers can expect fresh, delicious food, affordable prices, a lively atmosphere, excellence, friendly service, and a sparkling clean environment. Over the years, we at SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ® have developed sophisticates systems to ensure consistency and quality, and remained true to our promise. As a result, today, SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ® has become one of the most recognized and highly respected brands in the region.

Customer Satisfaction



sandwiches and crew services meet or surpass customers’ expectations.
This value is placed on the top of SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER’s pyramid.

Customer’s Bill of Rights


We always look forward to serving you to satisfy your aspirations, so:
• 1st Right: To have your meal prepared and cooked in front of you to ensure taste and quality
• 2nd Right: To be served with utmost respect and a smile
• 3rd Right: To have your meal replaced for free if it is not up to SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER’s standard

Our Concept


SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ® restaurant provide a wide variety of appealing, make-to-order meals with quality and freshness that sets the standards in the quick service restaurant segment.

The preparation of our products occur in clear view of the customer. Seeing every step in the preparation process, as well as our devotion to cleanliness on both sides of the counter, reassures customers of the quality and freshness of their meals. Our open design also creates a dynamic atmosphere and enhances friendly interaction between SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ® crew and their customers.

On any given day, SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER’s ® widespread appeal is evident by the diversity of our customers; men and women, young and old, students and executives, friends and families, coming to enjoy lunch, or dinner. At SULTAN DELIGHT BURGER ® restaurants, there’s something for everyone, during every part of the day.